Some Great Educator and Student Blogs

[slideshare id=294420&doc=web-2-for-english11-1204762641989421-3&w=425]I guess it is timely given that I have the Web 2.0 workshop in the morning to have such a huge number of great blog and wiki links come my way recently. The biggest collection has been referred on my Jeff Utecht’s thinking stick blog post When blogs are just what your school does. This is an excellent post to see the power of student blogging. It also refers you to the SAS blog sites.It is also timely to see Jess McCulloch doing a series of posts on blogging at Also there is a link to some great student blogs at blog which is really under an edublogs tool with wordpress as the interface.  Al Upton at Glenelg primary school has grade 3s (or 4s) blogging as well.

7 thoughts on “Some Great Educator and Student Blogs

  1. Terrific! I think this is one of the most useful workshops I’ve ever attended. Thank you Paul.

  2. Thank you to each of you for taking the time and trouble to comment on my blog posting. I trust that you will write much more in the future!

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