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You have to love long-haul flights for catching up on reading. I am flying from Hong Kong to Perth, Western Australia and, en-route I have been reading a paper that I saw referred to on a list I monitor which had an interesting discussion recently about whether it was possible to predict a long future […]

Websites I Tagged Recently (weekly) » » Blog Archive » Acceptable Use Agreements, Definitions & Digital Guidelines Over the past week I’ve been working on policies and documents relating to E-Learning and electronic resources at the Academy. The following are links to the Google Docs that were created with feedback from my Twitter network. They are very much still in […]

Evidence of 21st Century Learning on a Learning Platform »

In the lead up to the conference, I have been meeting with quite a few vendors. Some of these have been learning platform vendors. These guys have the unenviable task of trying to sell their product to schools who are not really clear on what they want to use it for. Some schools for example […]

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ICT games – Resource Topics – TES Connect Great set of learning games. Many suitable for an IWB. tags: resources, IWB, games, interactive Staff ICT Skills Log Questions.rtf – Windows Live A set of questions for surveying staff about ICT skills in a school. tags: skills, checklist, audit, CPD, training Posted from Diigo. The rest […]

The Classroom Practitioner’s List of Specifications »

It seems like everywhere I look around me at the moment schools are evaluating some aspect of 1:1 computing. There are many reasons for this including the netbook revolution, Mr Rudd’s plan to put a computer on the desk of every Year 9-12 student in Australia and many more enlightened schools realising that standards for […]

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iMovie 09 At a demonstration, I saw a number of features in iMovie 09 that I wished were in FCP and I wondered if there was a way to use iMovie 09 in conjunction with FCP, utilizing some of its features to supplement the FCP workflow, most importantly in the rough cut phase of editing, […]

Shouldn’t Every Student have Access to a Netbook as a Minimum? »

I have just returned from this workshop advertised at the Centre for Information Technology in Education at Hong Kong University.The workshop was dedicated to taking us through the use of tools that could be used on mobile phones but were really very basic. You can see them here. I was behaved and kept my mouth […]

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Tinychat | Home With Tinychat, you can create your own chatroom and invite people through one simple link. You can also embed your chatroom on your blog, myspace, personal site, and many other portals. You can even invite people through email and twitter. Try it, we’re sure you’ll like it! tags: twitter, backchannel, web2.0, chat […]

The 21st C School Library »

I have mentioned previously that sometimes an idea has its time and this seems to well and truly be the case for discussion on learning spaces. I was privilidged to be a part of the Apple Global Leadership Summit in Hong Kong last month where Stephen Heppell delivered a fabulous keynote during which he shared […]

Perhaps Parents Are The Key to Shifting? »

I just replied to a tweet from Amanda DeCardy about her school’s Parent-Teacher-Student Portal. This is something that comes hot on the heels of posts from Kim Cofino and Silvia Tolisano about the coffee mornings that they are hosting at their schools for parents to come and discuss what is going on with the collaborative […]