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World Scratch Day in Hong Kong

No need for me to add anything to what Clive Dawes has said about the Scratch Day over on the Kellett School ICT Blog. I would, however, like to highlight some things Clive has highlighted about the event. The first of these being to highlight the fabulous work of LEAD in arranging and supporting this day. They really went out of their way to make us clumsy monolingual international teachers welcome.

The other thing was to pick up on Clive’s comment about the local Hong Kong schools:

On show were a number of Scratch presentations from local HK schools, including the amazing Sawing Down the Tree game. The standard of presentations was extremely high and I was left a little bemused after a Year 5 student showed me his complex and entertaining presentation. It’s clear that there’s some great work going on in HK schools and this was a great opportunity to observe, and dareisay, think of ways in which we might be able to catch up!

I too have seen some amazing things done by Hong Kong students at local schools and it always strikes me as a great pity that we do not do more to mix it up more with these schools.

Our first Dragon’s Triathlon of the season kept me from being there earlier but what I saw, I thoroughly enjoyed.

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