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Ambitious Plans for a Student Strand for the Conference

21C Learning @ HK LogoI just sent the following letter out to the members of the sub-committee charged with the challenging but enormously motivating role of trying to realise a dream of having a worthwhile and successful “Student Strand” to the conference this October.

Once again I acknowledge how busy you all are and trust that you are finding some time in your days to reflect on our ambitious plans for a student strand at the conference.

A very big thanks to Colin who has taken some time to put together a logo (see the sample on the right). So far this is the only one that we have. In the spirit of Daniel Pink, I would welcome any feedback or ideas about the logo.

Last week I came across a posting by Michael Stephens, who I originally thought was the Educational Director with CISCO who was coming out to the conference and has now sent Andrew Thomson in his place. Turns out it is a different Michael Stephens! Nevertheless, his post on Ten Tech Trends & Technologies for 2009 written from the perspective of a librarian, is a little easier to read than the horizon report but remarkably similar in tone!

I have attached a PDF copy for you. It might get you thinking about this connected student project that we want to run in conjunction with the conference.

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