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Some EWB Ideas for Early Years

I just wanted to put up a post with some starter ideas for some early years teachers I am working with in terms of introducing them to the EWB at the moment. Here are some ideas.

Firstly, the kids need to be on their toes, ready to be called up at any time. This activity is a great, noisy fun student picker which, being online, is always easy to put on the EWB. You can download it onto your own machine.

This is another one that you can download onto your own machine but you will need Office 2007 to run it properly.

Whilst at Classtools, have a look at the other activities there such as the dustbin game.

If you like the games approach to engaging kids with the board, you will find a great selection of quite usable ones for early years at the ICT Games site. For a great example, have a look at the Sky Writer for a great way of teaching letter formation.

If you are looking for some really great “Wow Factor” on the board, you are hard pressed to go past Google Earth but this will of course, require a download to your computer. There are also some great games and engaging resources under the “games” and “primary” section of the Echalk site. You will only be able to preview these for a while if you haven’t taken out a subscription. If want a free, engaging game that is very, very addictive, try this paper plane simulator but DON’T BLAME ME IF YOU GET NOTHING ELSE DONE FOR THE DAY!

For links to manipulatives that you can use for your lessons, you have a host of choices. Start off in the foundation section of for some ideas and free content.

Good Luck and most of all, Enjoy!!

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