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Citers Conference

Just returned from the citers 2008 conference at HKU. It was really professionally organised, as usual and was a credit to all at CITE.

I enjoyed the plenary by Professor Nancy Law. She spoke of the SITES2006 study into pedagogy and IT use in schools around the world.

She also introduced another study by researcher Ms Y. Lee who gave an Information Literacy Performance Assessment to 40 local Hong Kong schools and one International School in Hong Kong. The findings were quite embarrasing for local education in Hong Kong.

Here are my very rough notes of the Plenary Session:

Professor Nancy Law on Study SITES2006

21st Century Learning. The capacity to engage in Life long learning (self directed and collaborative inquiry) Conectedness (Communication and collaboration with experts and peers around the world.)

IS there evidence of pedagogical change in HK Classrooms?

Has ICT been acting as a lever for change?

22 participating Ed systems.

100% of schools surveyed in HKSAR had internet access.

Hong Kong has made great leaps in no of computers in schools.

Teachers use of ICT HKSAR has around 70% of Maths 85% Science and Humanities had some use.

Impact of ICT use depends on how, not how often ICT is used.

Ms Y Lee

Information Literacy Performance Assessment

Instruments developed and given to 40 local and one international school.

Assessed via online assessment tasks.

Showed some examples. They look well thought out.

Large diversity across the schools. All kids were weak in communication and explanation.

Mathematics PA

Some mathematics literacy items. Some tough items. They were online.

The international school kids were much better at using them.

Evaluation and integration skills are weak.

Some interesting comments about the analysis. The international school kids had parents who mostly came from professional backgrounds

Really good indicator of the results in that kids from local schools are more likely to go to the manual for help where as the international school kids ask someone. The culture of book based learning is just so strong.

Nancy Law made comments about how bad it is in some of the local schools.


Professor Edmond Ko

Senior Advisor to the Vice-President for Academic Affairs.

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