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What a Motivating way to Teach History! »

When you are really busy, it is a good measure that something has really grabbed you when you play it over and over. This TeacherTube movie did this to me. Just imagine the rich learning conversations that could take place as the kids collected the pics for this! Now I am motivated to find a […]

Great Example of delicious in a School »

Often the hardest thing about the use of Educational Technology is to find great examples of teachers that are leading the way with the use of tools that, for some of us, are completely obvious. Delicious, for example, is a no-brainer when it comes to sharing resources between groups of kids at school. I have […]

100 Must Have Learning Applications »

The Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies, based in the UK, has compiled a list of the top 100 tools for personal learning or creating learning solutions. No surprise that a browser is #1, the surprise is that it’s not Internet Explorer. Number 2 on the list – Complete list at: OK, so […]

Course Genie for Turning Word Docs into Online Modules »

Ok so tools like this can be misused by teachers and lecturers to upload content that it is just “lectureware” rather than true, online hyperlinked material that can be used by learners. One thing that you have to be aware of is that there is something about notes and worksheets that teachers use that makes […]

The Big Mac Index »

Found myself directed to the Big Mac index today by Barbara Braxton on the Oz Teachers list. Quoting Barbara The Big Mac Index 2007 compares the cost of a Big Mac in dozens of countries and helps kids understand exchange rates especially if they convert the cost using the calculator at I can’t […]