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To IWB or not to IWB

I have just spent a few hours of my morning reading a great collection of up-to-date research about IWB usage. They are available from here.  Like all research, you can find as many articles taking one position as you can articles taking the contrary position. IWB usage is no different.

The thing that does stand out to me in this research though, is the great number of comments about how teachers like this technology. This was highlighted in the NSW study reported here. I particularly liked this reference.

…concluded that female primary teachers who had been teaching for more than 12 years are the main users of the technology at this stage. These users regard themselves as teachers who have learned to use ICT “quickly and are able to teach others”.

Surely, there is no other technology that we have tried to introduce to school in the past 20 years that has been embraced so wholeheartedly by experienced, female teachers! Aren’t these the very people who are going to have the most beneficial effect on our kids?

Perhaps there is something that you are using that is having a similar effect. Please share it with us.

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