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Sol Trujillo says that ‘shift happens’

Head of Australia’s Telstra Sol Trujillo has updated attendees at a business luncheon on the figures surrounding communication and collaboration on the web:

“We are living in the Web 2.0 world – the world of the Cs – community, collaboration, conversation, collective intelligence, content creation and a change of scale,” Sol said.

Web 1.0’s ‘killer app’ was email, he explained, saying that in January 2007 there were over a billion users of the Internet across the world. Around 90 per cent of Internet users have email accounts and two-thirds of them check their mail at least once a day.

Web 2.0’s ‘killer app’ is online communities be they social, business, health or education related. 57 per cent of online community members log-on at least once a day and 43 per cent feel as strongly about their online communities as their real world communities. 55 per cent of online teens have profiles and 79 per cent have included photos of themselves.

The full article can be found here:

Whilst numbers like this are very transient, at least these are current for now and give good food for thought.

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